Friday, February 1, 2008

Who switched our little angel for a little devil?

Ashley using Lucas' jumperoo??? You tell me.

This is Ashley after writing on her face. She thought it was very cool and funny.

Aren't toddlers just

It had to happen sooner or later. The terrible twos have finally arrived! This week has been by far one of my toughest ones as a mother. Ashley went wild and it was very hard for me to have patience with her. To name a few things that she's done: she started by coloring our wall with colored pencil. We have tried the magic eraser but it has not worked for us so if you have any suggestions please let me know. Later she decided that it was funny to throw things in the toilet such as a roll of toilet paper, toys, and anything else that could go in. Disgusting!!!! She also started to climb on the counter top in the bathroom and let the water run so she dances and plays with the water at the same time. Sounds like fun doesn't it? No, it isn't! I have been drying her bathroom floor more than I can tell. She is also starting to climb our bookshelf. She has also been putting her liquid soap on the mirror in her bathroom and she thinks she is cleaning and helping me. She also decided that it is fun to color her face with markers. The first time I saw it I was busy and couldn't stop her but when she decided to color Lucas' face too I had to stop reading and go and get her. She always chooses the time that I am the most busy such as feeding Lucas, changing his diaper, reading, showering, or even cooking. These are all normal behaviors for a two-year-old but we would rather have our sweet little angel back.

I need this sweet little angel back!

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~Jen~ said...

I KNOW it isn't funny to you....but this made me laugh! I am surprised that she's just NOW entering the terribles! I think Natalie has beenin them since she was 18 months old! Just be patient, it is just a phase, but also be consistent and she'll get it sooner than later.

P.S. I think we're going to come to OKC to start looking around within the next month or so, we'll give you a call when we do.