Thursday, February 21, 2008

We haven't gone anywhere...

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Valentine's week was fun for us. Many things going on among them our friends from Dallas ( The Johansen's) came Wednesday afternoon and left Thursday after lunch. It was nice to have some company and the kids enjoyed playing as they always do. Ashley and Kaylee are a pretty dangerous combination! Ashley as I have mentioned before as become a little devil and Kaylee though she is cute and sweet is a hand full. Wednesday we stayed home and Thursday we went to the YMCA to swim and then to Norman for a little tour. I took Alicia and the kids to the "Greek House" for lunch. This is a place by OU that has great Gyros! Tim and I think that they are one of the best and has memories of our college years. After lunch we didn't have much time but we got to see OU and one of the apartments where we lived. It was fun and we hope to see them soon.

For fun we have been going swimming at the YMCA and the kids love it! Lucas loves water so He gets pretty excited every time we go.

For Valentine's Day we had dinner together as a family. Tim came home kind of late and it was fine because the kids were awake and in a good mood so they all got to play a little bit before going to bed. Ashley loves her daddy. She gets so excited every time he gets home! Tim loves chocolate and here he is having some dessert with Lucas..Caramelized apples with nuts!!

Here is Ashley. She got some Dora and Diego Chocolates. She loved it!

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