Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our trip to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Nuestros amigos en Fort Worth nos han invitado a ir a visitarlos antes de las fiestas de Navidad y ano Nuevo por lo que un viernes empacamos y salimos para TEXAS! A Tim y a mi nos encanta visitar Dallas, TX ya que tienen una variedad de cosas que hacer aunque no quisieramos vivir ahi debido al trafico que hay en la ciudad. Nuestra visita a la familia Johansen estuvo muy divertido. Los ninos no pararon de jugar y hasta nos fuimos a verle a Santa Claus. Ashley y Brent le pidieron un tren y una muneca. En Fort Worth salimos a comer a Cheddar's y Joe T. Garcia's y la comida en ambos lugares estuvo espectacular!! Highly recommended. Ben y Alicia nos llevaron a conocer Down town Fort Worth y otras partes de la ciudad y la verdad que nos gusto bastante. Ben tambien nos llevo a ver su lugar de trabajo y el gimnasio al cual va todas las mananas a las 5:30pm ( maybe not hahaha). Gracias Ben, Alicia, Brent and kaylee!! La pasamos super bien. Luego a la venida fuimos a ver a Monica y Matt que estan apunto de tener su primer bebe. Primero fuimos a su condominio y luego a Northpark Mall a caminar y cenar. Este Mall es enorme! Ashley la paso re bien corriendo por todos lados y Lucas como siempre se porto espectacular! Luego de 2 dias de viaje nos regresamos a Oklahoma y adivinen que??? Habia nevado el fin de semana y todo se veia hermoso... Gracias por un divertido fin de semana

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Our beautiful Christmas Tree. I just love Christmas, especially when you get to spend it with family! I am hoping my mom will show up one of these days!! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The Nativity set from Paraguay that mom brought me last year. Thank you mom!! It's beautiful.

Ashley's Christmas tree

Lucas' Christmas tree

Nosotros terminamos nuestra decoracion de Navidad el 30 de Noviembre pero no hemos sacado fotos por lo que pense que seria una buena idea hacerlo para que puedan ver como ha quedado nuestra casa. Este ano no hemos puesto luces afuera pero si hermos decorado la puerta principal y la entrada (fotos otro dia) Como siempre todos los cuartos tienen un arbolito y algo de Papa Noel. Ashley este ano le pidio a Papa Noel una muneca. Ojala que siempre pida una sola cosa.jajaja yo sin embargo tengo una lista de cosas que por vergueza prefiero no compartir...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My little Princess

This is her first princess dress. She wore it every single day!

Doesn't she look like a model?

She is so happy when she gets to dress up.

Ashley woke up this morning asking for her Cinderella dress which was dirty but she insisted that she needed to have a princess dress on so I decided to give her one of her Christmas presents since she is going to have quite a few anyways. She was so happy when she saw it that she literally wore it all day long. We went to Panera Bread and she wasn't going to take it off.

Lucas' first solid Food!

This is my cute little boy.

Lucas has been crying every time he sees us eat so we figured that milk is not enough for him anymore. By the way he weighed 19lbs 2 weeks ago and he just turned 5 months! Ashley was 20 lbs when she turned 2 years old! Anyways I got him some Oatmeal cereal and fed him today for lunch. He did very well for it being his first time.

Reasons to go to Paraguay

Last night I was on the phone with my mom when Ashley told her that she wants to get on an airplane with her and go to Paraguay. Then she kept telling her to come visit and it was cute the way she asked my mom to come. Anyways as you can imagine my mom is planning on coming to get her again! We told her that January is the best time so Tim could spend time with her over Christmas Break and Ashley is very excited about it. Today she got mad at me because she wanted to go inside a friend's house when we were just dropping something off so she said " Mama Cristi, Paraguay, Ok Mommy, Ok, No silly, Paraguay, Paraguay" I laughed so hard. I could not believe that. Later I thought of reasons to go that Ashley might think of when she thinks of Paraguay and here are a few that I came up with.

Mama Cristi let her wear pants with her dress on the top of it on her way to Paraguay. She looked pretty funny and she thought it was the most fashionable outfit.

She doesn't look too happy in this picture but I just wanted to mention about her "Chita" meaning Chocolate Milk. Ashley drinks about 4 cups of it everyday and Papa Luis (Grandpa) made sure, every single day, that she had her "Chita" even if that meant going to the store late at night or early in the morning. She got the special kind and when one day she ran out of it I made it with milk and chocolate powder and she yelled "I want Chita" and didn't take it. I said " Sweetie we are going home pretty soon and remember that's how I make your Chita there. Thanks Mama Cristi and Papa Luis for the gallons of Chocolate Milk. She misses it!

Ashley got her hair done every week by my sister Nancy ( she is not the one in the picture) at her salon. She loved to have her hair washed and done. As a matter of fact she loved being there and playing with all the things she found there including writing on her couch with pen. Oh no!! My sister never complained!!!

She went to school every morning and met tons of kids. She was very famous and known as the Exchange Student or the International Student. They all loved her and she loved them all. By the way she was the youngest student too. Another advantage she had was that whenever she wanted to quit being in the classroom she went to hang out with my siblings or my mom and got to play there with them until she decided to go back to class. During recess she went to the cafeteria and got whatever she wanted to eat. Towards the end of her trip she didn't want to wear the uniform anymore and she was allowed to wear her favorite pink dress which at the end became her uniform. She loved her dance class and music class.

She enjoyed playing in the pool table with her cousins and friends.

Food!!! Ashley really liked the food there. Sweet treats and steak where her favorites. I am pretty sure she remembers her snacks there:) and the meat she had there!

In the afternoons she danced with Cristi and Mama Cristi and if you know something about Ashley you know she loves to dance! and especially latin music; it's in her blood:)

This is how spoiled she was there! All her cousins love her to pieces and did anything to make her happy. I know Ashley misses them and they miss her.

Of course I can't forget the bowl of candy that aunt Karina prepared for Ashley. No wonder why Ashley left her classroom and went to visit her. Aunt Karina truly knows how to spoil her nieces and nephews.

This is how she looked after school. I am sure you can tell that she had tons of fun.

Now I don't wonder anymore why she wants to go there. It's very obvious to me:)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I just love her smile!

What can I say? I just love my kids.
These million-dollar smiles don't come cheap.

I can't even put into words how I feel every time I see the kids smile, especially if they are smiling at me. Ashley has grown so much and it is so cute when she says to her friends, "This is My Mommy" and she gives me a kiss and a hug. Now that she has a baby brother and sees my affection towards him she has become more loving than ever. In the morning when Ashley and Lucas see each other they both have the biggest smile and you can already tell how much they love each other and I can't explain how I feel when I see that. Lucas, on the other hand, is always smiling. No matter what I am doing, he gives me a big smile that turns any bad day into a blessed day.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

Dorius Family 2007

Us and Great Grandpa Dorius

Tim, Ashley, Lucas and me.

Tim and Ashley having fun in Nashville.

Tim and the kids visiting Nashville.

Thanksgiving Week was great. We left Moore earlyTuesday morning and got to Memphis around 2:00pm. It was great to see everyone there including Matt and Tina and Emily who flew back from Provo to be with the family for Thanksgiving. We were also able to spend some time with Grandpa Dorius and it was such a treat. We even went out for lunch with him and it was great to hear about his past and his anecdotes. On Friday morning we went to Nashville on a family trip. Ashley enjoyed the trip more than I would have ever guessed. Ashley and Tim got to ride the carousel for more than an hour!!!! You pay $ 4 per person and get to ride as many times as you want and needless to say that Tim and Ashley took advantage of that. It was funny to see people ride 2 or 3 times and leave and then watch Ashley and Tim riding again and again. The highlight of the trip for me was to see Ashley and Tim spend time together in the carousel. She was so happy to be with her dad and riding the horses and he was so happy spending time with her. I really enjoy watch them interact. She admires and respects her daddy so much and he adores her! From Nashville we went back to Memphis and spent the night there and then Sunday morning we headed back home.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!