Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

Dorius Family 2007

Us and Great Grandpa Dorius

Tim, Ashley, Lucas and me.

Tim and Ashley having fun in Nashville.

Tim and the kids visiting Nashville.

Thanksgiving Week was great. We left Moore earlyTuesday morning and got to Memphis around 2:00pm. It was great to see everyone there including Matt and Tina and Emily who flew back from Provo to be with the family for Thanksgiving. We were also able to spend some time with Grandpa Dorius and it was such a treat. We even went out for lunch with him and it was great to hear about his past and his anecdotes. On Friday morning we went to Nashville on a family trip. Ashley enjoyed the trip more than I would have ever guessed. Ashley and Tim got to ride the carousel for more than an hour!!!! You pay $ 4 per person and get to ride as many times as you want and needless to say that Tim and Ashley took advantage of that. It was funny to see people ride 2 or 3 times and leave and then watch Ashley and Tim riding again and again. The highlight of the trip for me was to see Ashley and Tim spend time together in the carousel. She was so happy to be with her dad and riding the horses and he was so happy spending time with her. I really enjoy watch them interact. She admires and respects her daddy so much and he adores her! From Nashville we went back to Memphis and spent the night there and then Sunday morning we headed back home.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

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~Jen~ said...

Ashley's hair is always SO perfect! I'm jealous, Natalie's hair is always such a mess!