Friday, September 26, 2008

Lunch with Daddy

This week Tim had his first round of tests so on Thursday we picked him up from school and took him to one of his favorite fast-food places...Taco Bell. I think it was a nice break for him and also it was fun for the kids to have lunch with their dad! After we dropped Tim off at school to study some more Lucas got sad:( He loves his dad. It is so cute to see the look on his face as Tim walks in the house. Lucas' eyes light up when he sees him and of course to see Lucas crying and sad melted Tim's heart and mine.
By the way Tim did very well. Monday was rough for him but the other ones went very well and we are so proud of him. Last night was the first night in his lifetime that he studied all night without sleeping. I did that every test block in High School so for me that is something that I just did but I can't believe nor can Tim that he didn't go to bed to get more studying done!!! Welcome to 2nd year of Medical School:)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It is OVER!!!!!

I am very glad that the pressure of the race is over and that everything went well. There are things that I could have done better but overall I am happy with my time. Everything started very early on Saturday ( early because I couldn't sleep) at Lake Hefner which is about 25 min from our house. I went by myself at 5:15 and Tim got there later with the kids. I was calm at first until 5 min before the race started and right then I got overwhelmed and wondered what I was getting into!!!! Tim and the kids arrived right before I got in the water and I always get emotional when I see them right before the race which isn't a good thing:) I just wanted to cry and hug them but I couldn't so I tried to focus on the race.
The swim went well. The first 1000 meters were rough because I forgot to tighten the Velcro around my neck so my wetsuit was filling up with water. I was soooo mad!!! I have a long sleeved wetsuit so every time I lifted my arm it was so heavy and that was all I was thinking about during my first 1000 meters, but when I turned around to head back I had to change my attitude about that since there wasn't anything I could do about it and I also needed to pick up the pace so I did and it went well. I just love swimming... the longer the distance, the better it is for me.
The 57 mile (it was supposed to be 56 miles, but they snuck an extra mile in there) bike ride went well too but not as planned. Up to mile 45 everything was going well just as I expected, but the last 6 miles before getting back to the lake are rolling hills and I just wasn't ready for those hills. Those hills are rough after biking 48 miles; otherwise they shouldn't have been too bad. The last 3 miles are around the lake and I absolutely loved it! The view of the lake was great and it was flat so it made things easier. I finished the race in 3:32:10. and I WON first place in the Half Aquabike! Yay!!!! I wanted to win this race so badly and I was so happy that I was able to do well enough to make it possible. I am so grateful for all the help of family/friends that made it possible for me to compete and do well. Thanks for your encouragement, advice, etc. Also,
thank you so much for your emails and phone calls supporting me. You guys have been so nice to me!!Thank you.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ready or not

Trying on my new wetsuit.

As many of you know I am doing the the Redman triathlon here in Oklahoma City this coming weekend and I am so excited and scared at the same time. I thought I was done competing a long time ago when I retired from swimming and I can't believe that I am doing this again though I am somehow enjoying it. In Oklahoma they have something called the Aqua/bike which includes swimming and biking and that is the event that I am doing. I am a terrible runner though my goal for next year is to be able to do decently in a 5k or 10k but with a bad knee and a bad ankle I don't know how much I'll be able to do. Friday I am meeting with friends that I haven't seen in a long time to drop our bikes off at the lake where the competition is going to be and then we are attending a meeting there. I am also excited to see my friend Alicia who is coming to do another triathlon here in town and she will be staying with us so that will help me pass the time and have some fun. It should be a fun weekend with the exception of the 56 mile bike ride!! By the way I am swimming 2000 meters and biking 56 miles! As most of you already know I have been swimming since I was 5 years old but I haven't done any biking until March or April of this year!!! This week my friend Marlene told me what I needed to do to train and this is how she put it..
Tuesday: An easy 20 to 25 miles ride.
Are you kidding me?? There are not easy rides for me at all!! When I am on the bike I am always working hard! For those of you that aren't swimmers but are good bikers how would you feel if I tell you an easy 4000 meters???? I am sure it wouldn't be easy for you either! Anyways I was just making fun of myself for not being a good biker:) I hope I get there one day.
Speaking of my friend Marlene I do want to say thanks to her and her husband Mike. They have been amazing to me. They have been such a great influence and example to me. Marlene pushed me to do this and both of them have helped me all the way through. They have now moved to California but I am so glad to be able to keep in touch with them and for all their support and I don't think I could have done it without their help!! ( even when we talked on the phone and she made fun of me for not knowing how to...I better not say it)
Anyways I'll post more over the weekend to let you know about the race. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our trip to Alabama

Over Labor Day weekend we traveled to Birmingham, Alabama for Tim's brother Daniel's wedding. We were happy to finally meet Hazina, Daniel's bride, and she makes a great addition to the family. Tim was a groomsman and Ashley was a flower girl. She was the cutest flower girl ever! Thanks, Daniel and Hazina, for sharing your special day with us and for letting Ashley have so much fun as a flower girl. It was also a lot of fun to see all of the family, especially the Hancock grandparents, who flew to the wedding from Utah. We also got to stay the night at Matt and Tina's beautiful home in Moundville, near Tuscaloosa. We are so excited for them with their baby boy that is due in December. It was a fun weekend. Here are some pictures from our trip:
The cutest flower girl!! She did a great job:)
The best picture I was able to take of the two of them.
Visiting Grandpa Dorius before leaving Memphis. What a treat to get to see him every time we visit Memphis!
Ashley danced more than anyone else at the reception. Tim had the honor to dance with her.
Lucas, as always, kept me very busy running around. Doesn't He look handsome?

Ashley and her friend during the rehearsal.
Rehearsal dinner! Lucas enjoyed those egg rolls as much as anyone else.
My cute little princess.
Lucas was so cute and so was Tim:)
Our family picture minus Lucas who was running around.