Friday, September 26, 2008

Lunch with Daddy

This week Tim had his first round of tests so on Thursday we picked him up from school and took him to one of his favorite fast-food places...Taco Bell. I think it was a nice break for him and also it was fun for the kids to have lunch with their dad! After we dropped Tim off at school to study some more Lucas got sad:( He loves his dad. It is so cute to see the look on his face as Tim walks in the house. Lucas' eyes light up when he sees him and of course to see Lucas crying and sad melted Tim's heart and mine.
By the way Tim did very well. Monday was rough for him but the other ones went very well and we are so proud of him. Last night was the first night in his lifetime that he studied all night without sleeping. I did that every test block in High School so for me that is something that I just did but I can't believe nor can Tim that he didn't go to bed to get more studying done!!! Welcome to 2nd year of Medical School:)

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