Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too much going on...

It has been crazy around here; that is why we are behind on our Family Blog. Spring Break was a week ago and it was so nice to have Tim at home with us. He played nonstop with the kids and they loved it. The weather was great so we spent a lot of time in our backyard playing with the swing set and the sandbox. Lucas can sit in his swing forever. It is so nice. Thanks Mom and Dad:). Ashley loves to play with the sand so she is always looking dirty. What can I say, at least it keeps her occupied with something else besides the TV. The Dorius Family and Great Grandpa Dorius were also able to come to visit and it was great!! We took them to the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and other places such as OU in Norman and the OU Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City where Tim goes to school. Tim also took us to Anadarko to a tasty place to eat sandwiches, malts and pies!!! If you know something about me you know I am all about pies and cookies!!!
The other news is that the kids have been sick with a virus several times throughout the last 4 weeks! It was been driving me crazy:( I have been calling home for help and wonder where my mom is... Oh yes. She is very far from here but she calls every day and checks on us. I miss her so much and wish she could be closer to go and visit her more often. I don't know if it is just me but who do you miss the most when your kids are sick??? Anyways we are hoping that Ashley will get better soon to go out again and do some fun stuff:)
Also this weekend is the Redbud Classic here in Oklahoma City. I am doing the 33 mile ride. I think I am crazy. I don't think I am ready for it but I'll let you know right after the race. I am sure that for some of you 33 miles isn't much but for someone like me who started doing cycling just about 2 months ago it sounds a lot! I am excited though to do it with my friend Sherrie. I am sure it'll be lots of fun and the beginning of a great cycling time with her and other friends from the ward. The big news is that I'll be training for the RedMan triathlon with other friends, but we are doing a relay and I am going to do the swimming part. That's not until September so I have plenty of time to train. I am pretty excited.
Also, Easter was a lot of fun. Ashley wore her new Easter dress from her Grandma Dorius (Thanks, Grandma, for the dress and all of the other nice gifts). Unfortunately, she also insisted on wearing her Belle "princess" dress, so we put it on top of her Easter dress and dragged her off to church. It had been a late night for her the night before. After sacrament meeting, we finally "persuaded" her to take off her princess dress. Needless to say, we looked awfully strange in church on Easter Sunday. We didn't get any calls from the Department of Human Services last week so maybe no one noticed how crazy Ashley looked. Still, it was great being together as a family on such an important day and to have our crazy, funny daughter showing her personality.
We'll try to post some pictures soon.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Race is on!

Many of you don't know about the changes that have been taking place in my life since we moved here and especially since January. Last year I started to work out and a few months later a friend asked me to join her in a triathlon but..surprise!! I got pregnant but I kept working out till 2 weeks before Lucas was born. I had great friends to work out with that I greatly miss and I just felt great so I was able to push myself. Yes, you could call me crazy because I was doing Boot Camp Classes but I loved them and I felt awesome.
Great company+ Good work out= Feeling Awesome.
So when we moved here I needed something to keep me motivated since my friends are no longer here to call me and check on me to make sure I am coming to the gym. So here is one of the big changes... I have been more than just working out but swimming (which if you know something about me you know I am a swimmer), biking (which I didn't like and now I really enjoy) and running (which I still hate). Sounds like a TRIATHLON!! Yes... I am doing either one or two. Sorry, Ben I haven't decided yet. More than the triathlon, I'll be doing duathlons (biking and running). My first competition is next month. It is called the Oklahoma City Redbud Classic and I'll be doing the 33 mile bike race. Later I'll choose other ones since there are tons to choose from and I honestly would rather do biking and not running. I also joined the local triathlon club to get some motivation to keep me going. The triathlons are in May and June ( the ones I am considering) and I'll be doing them with Ben , my friend Alicia's husband and her brother and some other friends from my ward that I invited to join me. I am not too sure about the one in May since it's in open water but Ben has challenged me and I can't say no but who knows? Training has been a little bit challenging with kids being sick and with my own health issues but I am enjoying it as much as possible. Last Saturday we got a road bike and I love it. I haven't been able to ride it outside because of the weather but I have used it with the trainer and it's great! Here is a picture of my new baby; at least I treat it as one of them.

I also need to recognize my parents and Tim for making it possible for me to do this. They have been so helpful in helping me get EVERYTHING that I need to do this. My parents have been so generous with me and my family and we truly appreciate that. Tim has helped me with the kids which is an enormous help! Thank you so much!!! I couldn't have done it without you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our nightly guest

This is her room but she refuses to sleep there. She talks about Froggies being in her bed...I believed that before but now I have my doubts. How could you go from this comfortable bed to this??

The floor?

For the past three weeks Ashley has been coming to our room to sleep with us; I mean to sleep in our room but on the floor. Everything started one night when she had a nightmare and for whatever reason she hasn't been able to get over it. Some nights she chooses to sleep in Lucas' room others in the family room and they are both fine with us, but no matter what she ends up in our room. The last few nights she has yelled and cried about sleeping in our room so we said yes but now we want our room back so last night when I went to the store I found a night light with pictures of Snow White, Cinderella and Belle and I decided to get it to see if it could help her stay in her room as she used to do a long time ago so when it was time to go to bed Ashley, as usual came to our room. She already has a sleeping bag on the floor, but as she was getting comfortable there I showed her the night light and started heading towards her room and told here that she could have it IF she stays there and guess what?? She jumped in her bed and stared at her new night light.YEAH!!! We were so happy. We finally found something to keep her in her room till...3:00am when her cough got really bad. Darn! Oh well At least we tried, right?? Hopefully we are all going to get a good night's sleep tonight, believe me we need it! Lucas kept us up on Sunday night; it hasn't been fun. What can we do? That is part of having kids:)