Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our nightly guest

This is her room but she refuses to sleep there. She talks about Froggies being in her bed...I believed that before but now I have my doubts. How could you go from this comfortable bed to this??

The floor?

For the past three weeks Ashley has been coming to our room to sleep with us; I mean to sleep in our room but on the floor. Everything started one night when she had a nightmare and for whatever reason she hasn't been able to get over it. Some nights she chooses to sleep in Lucas' room others in the family room and they are both fine with us, but no matter what she ends up in our room. The last few nights she has yelled and cried about sleeping in our room so we said yes but now we want our room back so last night when I went to the store I found a night light with pictures of Snow White, Cinderella and Belle and I decided to get it to see if it could help her stay in her room as she used to do a long time ago so when it was time to go to bed Ashley, as usual came to our room. She already has a sleeping bag on the floor, but as she was getting comfortable there I showed her the night light and started heading towards her room and told here that she could have it IF she stays there and guess what?? She jumped in her bed and stared at her new night light.YEAH!!! We were so happy. We finally found something to keep her in her room till...3:00am when her cough got really bad. Darn! Oh well At least we tried, right?? Hopefully we are all going to get a good night's sleep tonight, believe me we need it! Lucas kept us up on Sunday night; it hasn't been fun. What can we do? That is part of having kids:)

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the harrisons said...

This made Mathew and I both laugh! Our sweet little daughter refuses to sleep in her bed too! She will only sleep if she is in our arms....it makes for a long night!