Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not so new anymore...

Right after coming back from Paraguay Lucas learned to climb out of his crib. I wasn't too happy about it!! He started sleeping in the twin size bed and for a few days it was tough until Tim put the child lock on the door and he learned that he couldn't get out of his room so he chose to stay in bed. He has done so well. We are so proud of him.
This is the bunk bed we got for the kids. Ashley LOVES it. We haven't moved Lucas to this bed yet and won't do it until the baby comes.
Ashley loves to go shopping with me. I really enjoy seeing her developing her girlie personality. She is lots of fun.
A girl can't ever have enough necklaces, right??

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lucas = Mess

Lucas has definitely added some interesting experiences to our lives. He is one funny/crazy little boy. He makes me laugh every day and on the other hand he makes me cry too. He does things that make me wonder what he is thinking and the answer is always the same. He doesn't think!!! I adore him and can't imagine not having him around. Here are some recent pictures of him.
Lucas dressing up and playing Kung Fu (He just wants to hit Ashley...)
He likes to put Ashley's princess shoes on. He even cries when we go out and I don't let him wear them!
This is the look on his face after he has done something bad and I catch him. How could I get mad at him?? Oh no, trust me, I do.
At our house we love to bake. We bake almost twice a week!!! (especially bread) This is Ashley's apron but as you can imagine he wants everything she has so he has been using it. I'd better get one for him too.