Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lucas = Mess

Lucas has definitely added some interesting experiences to our lives. He is one funny/crazy little boy. He makes me laugh every day and on the other hand he makes me cry too. He does things that make me wonder what he is thinking and the answer is always the same. He doesn't think!!! I adore him and can't imagine not having him around. Here are some recent pictures of him.
Lucas dressing up and playing Kung Fu (He just wants to hit Ashley...)
He likes to put Ashley's princess shoes on. He even cries when we go out and I don't let him wear them!
This is the look on his face after he has done something bad and I catch him. How could I get mad at him?? Oh no, trust me, I do.
At our house we love to bake. We bake almost twice a week!!! (especially bread) This is Ashley's apron but as you can imagine he wants everything she has so he has been using it. I'd better get one for him too.


Christian said...

The day Dallin "dressed up" Jared sent me the store with unlimited funds for BOY dress-up clothes! lol

The Anthony's said...

I saw your note on my blog! We're still in Plano, Texas! You are only a couple of hours from me! We should come up and visit! And holy cow! You did a triathalon 5 months pregnant?! That is my dream! I'm not sure what email you are using right now - I should email you my phone # so we can chat - my email:
You aren't ready to pop yet are you?
Love, Molly

Alicia said...

That is so funny. We love Lucas