Monday, April 27, 2009

Ashley's Early Birthday Party

Ashley had an early birthday party at the school with her cousins and friends. She loved it! She felt so special and loved by everyone. More than the presents and the attention she enjoyed having a magician at her birthday party. We all had an amazing time and I am pretty sure that she won't ever forget this birthday party...

The theme was...Princesses
It was nice to show up for the party when everything was done. Thanks to my mom and my sisters!

She got lots of presents.
After eating some yummy food the kids got to enjoy the show. Tim and I thought he was pretty good.

This is Ashley's favorite picture. I guess she must have liked the bunny a lot!!

Thanks to my family AGAIN for everything they did to make this day a special one for her.

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The Anthony's said...

Your children are so beautiful! My little girl likes looking at pictures of Ashley and now she recognizes her in all the pictures! Oh, and I love Lucas in Ashley's little heels! Too cute!