Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Like most of you, we have also been so busy getting ready for Christmas and as Ashley would say "Don't forget about" Mama Cristi. My mom is getting into town tomorrow morning and we are all so excited. Ashley thinks that as soon as my mom gets here they are going to Paraguay. She can't understand that my mom will stay here for 4 weeks and then they will leave. She is so excited and I am so happy for her.

Here are some pictures of our week:

At the Ward Christmas' Party with Santa!! Lucas did not like him at all!!! Ashley asked for a pony and a dog.
Friday I had so much to do to get ready for our special visitor so after dinner the kids got to watch Shrek and they loved it!

Ashley loves to play and dress Lucas up. She yelled mom "Lucas looks like a bride" and this is what I found. Cute, hah?
Playing with Ashley's hair has been so much fun. You can't really tell by this picture but her hair looks really nice and makes her look a lot older.

Lucas decided to dump all the new body wash in the bath tub!!. I was gone for 3 minutes and when I came back my room and bathroom smelled so good. I was pretty upset at him but it's my fault for letting them alone!! By the way, the smelled really good that day.

Last weekend we had a birthday party for Randy at Gisella's house. He is a friend from spin class and here I am with my "biker friends." After the party we stayed over to watch the Big 12 Championship Game and it was great!! We are so proud to be Sooners:)

At the house before the Ward Christmas Party.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I am so glad it's Friday!!

This week was one of those weeks that my kids drove me insane!!
Ashley is a pretty good girl, for the most part, except that sometimes she does whatever Lucas is doing just to be funny...which it isn't.

First of all I wasn't feeling well and Lucas was kind of sick too so I was hoping that him being sick was going to stop him from making a mess but I was wrong.

I think I have forgotten to mention that a couple of weeks ago He decided to put our cell phones in a glass of water. I was right there next to him but I didn't notice what he did. Minutes later Tim saw the cell phones in the glass and it was too late. His works fine with some minor defects but mine won't work at all. In other words I lost all the phone numbers that I have been saving for the last 3 years!!! I am pretty sad about that but what do you do?? Tim asked Lucas what he was thinking to do that and I responded. Nothing, he is a 17 month old!!!

Now that the Christmas tree is up he won't stop taking the ornaments down!!! If I don't catch him on time I find all the bottom ornaments on the floor among other decorations that we have in our tree. He thinks that the ornaments are "balls" and wants to play with them. It doesn't seem that bad except when you put them up 3 to 4 times a day!!! I know I could just move them up so He can't reach them but I won't like my Christmas tree that way so I just better learn to deal with it for a few more weeks.

This morning as we were getting ready to go to pick up Tim from school to go to lunch Lucas came to my closet where I was putting my shoes on and showed me his hands. Oh my goodness!! I screamed like I haven't in a long time. He got so scared that he cried but I also wanted to cry. His diaper was dirty and he decided to put his hands inside his pants and you can imagine what happened. I didn't know where to start. We were all ready to leave when this happened! I put him in my bath tub and bathed him there. It was a big mess! I just looked at him and I could see how innocent he is. He truly didn't know what happened and I am sure he didn't mean to do that. At least I am so glad that he didn't touch anything around the house so we were able to make it on time for our lunch with daddy.
One of his favorite things to do. Get all the videos/DVDs out and get inside the trunk.

Ashley is so excited about Christmas. Every morning she asks if we can open the presents so Monday night we gave her one of them because she was a good girl and she finished her dinner (which she is supposed to anyways, right??) She is so happy with her Strawberry shortcake doll. She can't stop fixing her hair. I am so glad she likes it.
Lucas is so ready to go to Paraguay. Here he is wearing his "purple" backpack which isn't really his.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving week

Ashley and Lucas helping grandma make Cranberry bread( a tradition in the Dorius family)
Tim and his grandpa. We took him out for lunch to his favorite place and got to listen to him tell us many great stories!

This past week we were able to go and visit Tim's family in Memphis, TN. We left on Tuesday morning and came back Saturday night. It was a fun trip and as always the kids were happy to see grandma, grandpa, Bethany and Pepper (the dog). We did a lot of fun things including shopping, eating (way too much), visiting, watching movies, going to the park, and just relaxing. It was also nice to be able to go out without the kids and have some time just for us.
Ashley loves dogs so being in Memphis didn't help us much. She has been asking for a dog for a long time but there is no way we are going to get one now, maybe later in a few years. She also got to see Santa at the mall and she asked for a dog and a pony..WHAT??? Are you kidding me??? I went nuts wondering how in the world I was going to explain to her that Santa wasn't going to bring her a dog so I had to asked her if she meant the dogs that she has seeing at the stores (meaning stuffed animals) Ashley wasn't too sure about it but since I mentioned that she could get the dog that swims in the water she kind of got excited. She is not too happy about that idea, she truly wants a "real" puppy but I am hoping she will happy with what she is getting.
On the way back we had such a good time singing Christmas songs and just being silly since we had 7 hours to kill in the car. Ashley really got into singing Christmas songs and of course she had to hear "Jingle Bells" about 10 times; that is her favorite. Thanks grandma for the Christmas CD, it was great!
It was so nice to be back and see all the houses decorated with Christmas lights. I just love Christmas and I always get overwhelmed by the Spirit that I am able to feel at this time of the year and I am so glad that I was able to feel it again. I am looking forward to this Christmas season and I am so excited to have my mom here with us!
After unloading the car from the trip we went to watch the OU vs OSU football game at our friends the Lusk's. It was an awesome game and we are looking forward to more OU!!

I hope you had a great week as we did.


The week before Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to visit our friends the Johansens in Skiatook. It was nice to have a break from the daily routine and to hang out with great friends.
Lucas and Kaylee.
Ashley and Brent.
Thanksgiving Feast at Brent's school.
Dancing the "Turkey Dance". Ashley and Kaylee wondered what was going on! Alicia and Ben got into it. = )
Ashley was so sad when it was time to go home. I haven't seen her so sad in a long time! She likes her friends and misses them a lot.

Thanks for having us over and your hospitality. We love you guys and we are looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.