Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun...

For Labor Day we went to Medicine Park. We had lots of fun there and ate at the famous Meers store!! It was a fun day.

I took Ashley to see Disney on Ice. She loved it. I hated that I couldn't take Lucas with me. I just didn't think that he was going to sit through it all.

Lucas has been ...Lucas, that's all I could say. He thinks the bathtub is an Olympic pool. A few weeks ago he jumped and busted his chin. He got 4 stitches.

Caleb is now 3 months old. He is an awesome baby!

Last week Ashley had her ballet recital. Unfortunately we didn't make it on time for the whole program:( I felt so bad and she comforted me. She is such a sweet girl.

Lucas started MDO about a month ago and he loves it. He gets so excited to take his backpack and lunch bag with him. He even tells me what he wants for lunch.

Lucas at his school.

The night before the kids started school we had a big "Back to School" dinner/party. They chose dinner, dessert and a movie. Lucas eating his cupcake. Ashley chose pink for the cupcakes:)

After picking up Ashley from school the kids were so happy to see each other again. The missed each other so much.

Ashley's first day at school.

Ashley eating her cupcake.

The kids love to play dress up. Ashley is in love with Tinker Bell that my friend Sheri got her and Lucas often chooses to be Belle. We let it slide since he is only 2.

Ashley's first day at her ballet class.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Caleb's Blessing.

Caleb was blessed on Sunday and it was a great time for us as a family. Tim's parents, sisters and one of his brothers with his wife and baby were able to come. We were very happy to have them here with us.

Summer time

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bunk Beds?!

Lucas' bed...

Couldn't they be like this during the day? I wish they would:)

A few weeks ago we tried having Ashley and Lucas sleep together in the same room which so far hasn't worked out very well. Lucas goes to bed early and gets up early and Ashley is the complete opposite. After several visits to their room to tell them to go to bed we found Lucas lying on Ashley's bed. It was so cute and they both asked if they could sleep together. It didn't happen because Ashley ended up falling asleep before Lucas and he kept trying to wake her up so he had to go back to his bed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lucas!!

Lucas is our funny kid. He is constantly doing something that makes us laugh. He is VERY active and at times I wish he would slow down. He is hard to keep up with.
We love him very much...Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Father's Day

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Caleb's first week.

Caleb is one week old!! He is such a sweet baby and we are blessed to have him with us. Ashley and Luke can't get enough of him. Luke has been acting out more than ever to get some kind of attention but other than that He loves his baby brother.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer 2009

Hanging out with Grandma Dorius who came to help out with the kids. Thanks Grandma!
Ashley even got her nails done. She is such a girlie!!
Slip and Slide...lots of fun.

Lunch time. The menu is always the same...lots of fruits:)

I love this picture. She is such a sweet girl.
Lucas enjoys being outside way more than Ashley does. He is so happy eating and playing in the backyard.
We have gone to the Zoo a few times and that is a big plus!!!
Ashley and her friend Ava at the Oklahoma City Zoo.
For my birthday Ashley and I got to go to the play "The Lion King." It is a great play. I was sad to leave Lucas behind but I didn't think he could sit still for 3 hours...