Saturday, October 4, 2008

Girls Night Out!!!!

Last night I went with a group of friends out for dinner to Zio's and then we went to watch the Regatta in downtown Oklahoma City. We had a great time and I believe we were all in need of some girl time away from home. I see these girls more than 3 times a week but most of the time we are sweaty, out of breath, and working really hard so it was nice to be clean, to EAT, and to enjoy our friendship. I work out with them (cycling class, swimming, Sherie and I are going to start running-we are not good runners, some of us are going to start using our mountain bikes and also take some rowing classes; isn't that cool?) I also go to church with some of them and I have their daughters in the Young Women Program with me so I feel like I know them. They are all great examples to me. As most of you know I am always trying to get better at what I do and I look up to them for that. Last night I thought of my friends Marlene and Alicia; they are also such great friends and inspirations to me and I truly miss having them close by. I am grateful for friends and for their examples. I am grateful to have friends that I can count on anytime. I am grateful for their support in all that I have done the last few months. Thank you!
p.s we missed you Kim!!

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Kimberly said...

You looked like you had a great time! I missed being there with you but maybe we can all get together soon.