Monday, October 13, 2008

Sheri's Birthday Party!

Friday night we celebrated Sheri's birthday at my house with a dinner that included pasta, salad, bread, red baked potatoes, broccoli salad, stuffed mushrooms, cake, and fondue with a huge tray of fruits!! It was great!! We wanted to surprise Sheri but when she called me to cancel on our bike ride to go to a football game with her husband I had to tell her about the birthday party that we had planned for her. Sheri is an amazing person and friend and an awesome workout partner!! Happy Birthday, Sheri!!!
Sheri and her pretty cake.
Mary, Kim, Sheri, Debbie and me.
Sheri and Gissella.
Randy and Kim.
Debbie and Scott.
Gissella, Mary and me.
Me and Sheri.


Okdebo said...

Even though we had to tell Sheri about the party, it was a wonderful time. It really makes you appreciate your friends!!!

Alicia said...

It seems like you have a fun group of friends. It looked really fun. I love the pictures of Luke. Kaylee really enjoyed looking at them. Maybe it was giving her some ideas. He and Kaylee are so much alike. I bet they could think of alot of messes to get into.