Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our daily activities

Playing with Ashley and Lucas has been so much fun. Ashley is such a funny daughter and sister. Lucas is the best baby ever!! He loves to be held and enjoys being in Ashley's room and watching her play. For Ashley, Lucas is just another toy so I have to keep an eye on her all the time but for the most part she is great! Here are some pictures of our daily activities.

Ashley loves to go to the park. The weather has been great here in Oklahoma so we have taken advantage of that.

As most of you know we are always running late for church. About a month ago we were all ready 30 min before church starts!!! That never happens in this house so we decided to take a picture of that to show you that anything is possible. Hahaha.

Last week we had play group at our house. The kids were having fun and Lucas as you can see fell asleep in his jumperoo. I didn't even notice until my friends pointed out at me. He didn't let me know he was tired; he just fell asleep. Isn't he adorable??

Last Tuesday we received the news that great-grandma Dorius passed away. We were sad about the news so Ashley decided to make a painting for Grandpa Dorius just to make him smile. By the way this is her first time working with watercolors and overall she did pretty well.

This is Tim and his parents and his maternal grandparents in Orem, UT. Tim was able to go there for the funeral.

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~Jen~ said...

Sorry to hear about Tim's Grandma. I was actually in Utah last week too for MY Grandpa's funeral in Morgan (Ogden area).