Sunday, November 4, 2007


The week of Halloween was crazy for us with Tim having his second round of tests (he did well on them). Anyways we were busy with other things so we didn't have time to go to a Pumpkin Patch or even carve a pumpkin but we did have a great week overall. The night of Halloween we went to the church for a carnival. Since, our neighborhood is pretty new and there aren't many houses built, we thought it would be better to go to the church. At the church Ashley had fun playing with her friends from nursery and we had the opportunity to meet more people from the ward which is always a good thing. When it was time to go out to trick or treat we went to our friends' home. They were having a haunted house in their garage. It was so much fun , especially because we met with Larry and Lauren Murray and their new baby. They are our friends from Norman who moved to Jenks not long ago. They were in town visiting family and it was fun to hang out with them before they headed back to Jenks. The fun didn't end there; the Johansens came by our house on their way to Alicia's parents' home. Ashley had lots of fun with Brent and Kaylee. We are glad that our house is on their way between Fort Worth and Cleveland, OK. It's always nice when friends visit us!

Lucas felt asleep before we even left the house.

Me and the kids.

This is my cute little pumpkin witch!

Here we are about to eat our Halloween cake which was supposed to be a pumpkin. Ashley had a great time decorating it and eating the frosting!!

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