Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daddy/Daughter Date

This was last year at the Daddy/Daughter Dance . 2007

Daddy/Daughter Dance 2007

Daddy/Daughter Date 2008

Ashley enjoying the game and the time with her daddy.

Last year Tim and Ashley went to a Daddy/Daughter Dance at the church and I loved the idea of them spending some quality time together around this time of the year. I have a friend back at home who gets roses from her dad every Valentine's Day even though she is now married and with kids she still gets roses from her dad and I think it's the cutest thing so I thought we could do that too. Now Ashley enjoys going to games so I thought that going to an ice hockey game will be great for her. Later as she gets older I like the idea of them going on a "date" to a nice restaurant and doing other things together that they will enjoy. If we have more girls he'll have to take them on separate dates and I am sure they are all going to love it. We also want to do what my friend's dad has been doing with his girls so as soon as our girls leave our home they'll get roses from their dad for Valentines' Day. I am sure Tim will send them flowers more often than that but at least I want them to know how much he loves them and I think this is a great way to do it. I'll have to think of something to do with the boys! Last night was great for me and Lucas. He went to bed around 7:30pm so I watched "Food Network" and had my favorite thing in this world ...oatmeal raisin cookies ( I just love them) and a smoothie ( you know we all need some fruits once in a while, right) . It was nice:) I can't wait for them to go out on a date again!

Esta es la foto de el Date que Tim tuvo con Ashley este fin de semana. Tim le llevo a un partido de Hockey en hielo y a ella le encanto. Queremos hacer esto con ella especialmente cuando se acerca el dia de San Valentin y tambien en cualquier momento que eso sea posible. A nosotros nos encantaria enviarles rosas a nuestras hijas una vez que se vayan de la casa aunque sea que ella esten casadas creemos que es una buena manera de hacerles recordar cuando las queremos y en especial a las nenas de su papa luego vere que puedo hacer con los varones. Anoche fue espectacular. Lucas se durmio a las 7:30pm y yo comi galletitas con un jugo de frutas. Que mas puedo pedir??

Feliz dia de los Enamorados!!


~Jen~ said...

How cute! I was totally bemoaning the fact that this is our last year in Tulsa for the daddy daughter dance until I found out Anthony's new company hosts one each year. But he tries to go on dates a few other times during the year separately with the girls. He and Bella especially enjoy going to the movies together. I love the idea of roses every year for valentine's day - maybe I should send that to my dad!

Christian said...

Hey Mrs. Valentine's Day! Thanks for being my chat buddy! You do great with your blog, send some ideas my way.