Friday, November 14, 2008

Mama Cristi is coming to town!!

Our lives have been so busy that I have forgotten to post anything about my mom coming to visit us for Christmas! She will be here in less than a month and will stay for 4 weeks!! I am so excited to see her and to have her with us for Christmas. My mom is just the best, I really mean it!! After being here for 4 weeks she is taking Ashley to Paraguay with her so I can get some rest! Though she might need to take Lucas instead of Ashley ( she has offered to take him too but that will be too much for her already busy life)
Ashley will be attending school with all of her cousins so she will definitely have a great time as she did a little over a year ago. Though she was two at the time she remembers it very well!! She loved it there and she was so spoiled by everyone. My parents and my siblings are great about spoiling kids and she felt like a queen and all the attetion was on her! She is so excited about going to Paraguay with my mom and I am so happy about that. Lucas and I will go there too but we will go a month after they leave the US to pick Ashley up and we'll stay there for another month!! It will be summer down there so we will be busy having fun and my family surely knows how to do that. Thanks Mama Cristi, we are so ready for this trip! You are AWESOME!!!

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Nika Travis and Ayda said...

I am so happy that you get to see your mama!! I think it is such a great experience for Ashley to get to go to stay with your family!! Enjoy the help! (will your mom come out for the next baby too?)