Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ashley's haircut!

About two weeks ago Ashley got a haircut! They cut 8 inches of her hair and we are planning on donating it!! She had been wanting to get a haircut ever since she saw me getting one so I thought it was time to do it. Ashley was so happy to be at the salon and to get all the attention from the employees:) She felt like a princess and after getting the haircut we went to Quiznos for lunch to treat Lucas, who wondered what was going on!!


Christian said...

Oh my goodness, 8 inches!!! She looks so cute. It looks like the cut that Emma has right now. That's a neat idea about donating it. Jared's uncle does that. He grows his hair for 5 years or so, then cuts it all off and donates it. He's done it for years--he's like 55 or something now. Cool, huh?

~Jen~ said...

Wow! You cut her hair!!! It looks so adorable. We donated Bella's hair last year too, but I didn't go that short, and haven't cut it since. She looks so cute!