Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween night!

Tim and Lucas at the church Halloween Party.
Ashley had so much fun playing games and winning some toys!
Lucas tried to play basketball!!
Tim had to play this one against another member and of course, Tim won!
Lucas trying to eat the doughnut without his hands.
Too hard to eat without your hands! Forget it, he used his little hands and finished his doughnut:)
Ashley had to play the same game that her dad and brother played and she also used her hands. Yes, we cheated.
Tim took the kids around the Lusk's neighborhood while I had some fun scaring kids at the their house.

Can you tell that they really get into it? Gissella was inside the coffin right next to it and would come out running after the kids with a sword.
This is my friend Gissella, isn't she scary looking? The Lusks LOVE Halloween. They set up their garage and front yard as a Haunted House and they have so much fun scaring kids. They really get into it and have lots of scary things. The whole family is involved and they have a blast! Last year we watched them do it and this year Tim and I joined the fun. I loved it!! It was so much fun to scare the little ones and also the girls. It was hilarious! Later we had stew with corn bread and of course, some candy! It was an awesome Halloween Night!

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Alicia said...

It looks like you had a fun Halloween. I think it is a fun time of year. Ashley looks so old. I really like her cute haircut.