Saturday, October 27, 2007


This is me and Lucas at the Oklahoma City Airport. I was smiling I guess I had no clue how this trip was going to be with a 2 month old baby and a 2 year old toddler.

Overall Lucas was great. Tylenol works great when you double the dose...Just kidding..Well maybe not. hahaha

Here we are at the airport in Paraguay! My mom, sisters, and nieces and nephews came to pick us up. It was so fun to see all of them and especially to see Ashley again!! One of my sisters curled Ashley's hair and she looked great. She was excited to see me and to see Lucas; the only problem was that at first I couldn't understand a word she said and a couple of hours later I finally figured it out...she was speaking Spanish!!! Her Spanish is great only that now after being back for a month she is mixing it with some English and it sounds really cute.

At my parents' house we have a tradition that every time someone comes to visit or someone leaves on a trip we celebrate it with steak ( this is just another excuse to have steak which is my family's favorite dish. :) Another rule is that you always get dessert (if you ever wondered why it is that I like sweets so much now you know) Ashley definitely took advantage of that. My parents feed the kids first and anything left after the kids eat is given to the adults. I don't know if I like this rule that much; I sure did when I was a little girl.

This is Ashley and Jose. They had a great time together especially watching Discovery Kids.

This is at Mama Cristi's home. Here is Mama Cristi, Cristi, Ashley, Caro and Maricel.

This is Ashley and her cousin Martin. I think he is her favorite cousin. When they are together you better watch them because you never know what they are up to.

This is Mama Cristi and Ashley. Ashley misses her. She says,"I want subir avion Mama Cristi" (I want to go home on an airplane with Mama Cristi).

Here is Papa Luis, Ashley, Cristi and Martin.

This is my family!! Mom and Dad. Carina, me, Maricel, Ingrid and Carlos.

Mama Cristi ans Lucas.

To finish I wanted to include a picture of our friends from Oklahoma that have moved to Argentina about 3 months ago and we got to visit with them on our way back to the States. We didn't stay there very long but it was nice to visit with them and have the kids play together like they used to do. They picked us up, took us to their beautiful home, and took us back to the airport. They are a great family. Thanks, Andersons!

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