Friday, October 26, 2007

Dorius Family Introduction

Here I am trying to start my own blog and the computer I just don't get along. Anyways I have been inspired by a friend to do this and hopefully you all will enjoy it.
I will start posting pictures from various occasions so you can see what we have been up to. Tim as most of you know is going to OU Medical School and he is enjoying every minute there (except for tests!). I am busy with Ashley and Lucas. Ashley turned 2 years old on the 1st of June and she is doing great. Then on June 28 Lucas was born and a month later we moved to Moore, Ok. So far we have enjoyed Moore but I can't say much since I went to Paraguay to visit my family which was lots of fun. You could ask Ashley about Paraguay. She was there for 2 months!! My mom came to help and took Ashley with her to Paraguay so I could get things done with our move and Tim starting Medical School. It has been a great blessing to have my parents and Tim's parents help. We have been greatly blessed by having them as our parents. And Tim and I have been blessed as well with the children we have. They are great kids. I can't imagine my life without them. They are both very special and we are very glad to have them.

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Adam Green said...

We're glad to hear that Tim is enjoying school. How are you enjoying him being in school? We are loving MA. Adam loves radiology and we are adjusting to life. It's good to hear from you.