Friday, October 26, 2007

What a year!

I finally graduated from OSU. May 2007

Our friends came to celebrate it with us and then we went out for more celebration!!

Tim's White Coat Ceremony. I am so proud of Him!

Tiffany. She is a great friend. She kept Ashley so my mom and Tim could stay with me at the Hospital.

Ashley holding Lucas fro the first time.

Mama Cristi and her two youngest grandkids.

Leaving the hospital on June 30 2007

The Dorius Family came to see Lucas on the 4th of July.

Ashley 2 birthday. It wasn't big because we just moved to our rental home and we were busy helping friends ( Andersons and Greens) that are moving too.

Mama Cristi came all the way from Paraguay to help out with Ashley and the new baby. Thanks Mom:)

Heading to the Hospital. I was in so much pain.

Tim holding Lucas for the first time.

I am holding Lucas for the first time. He is such a cute baby.


~Jen~ said...

YEAH! You did it! I'm excited that you have a blog so we can keep up with you.

Ashley is SO pretty! And Luke is so cute I just want to pinch his big cheeks!

Cristina said...

Hey Jennifer! THANK YOU...You are the one that inspired me to do this. So thanks a lot. I do have some questions about this but I'll send you an email.
Talk to you soon!

Matthew said...

They look like miniature versions of you two!

kemp-y-QUA!! said...

you all have beautiful babies!! glad things are going well for you

Jared said...

I miss late night walks and hugs with Tim. Just kidding. I am glad to see this up and running. If we ever get the internet at our house we'll do something. Good job Cristina.