Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Time

Tim has been taking the kids to McDonald's to the playground. This was on Saturday. Ashley had dinner there and then we took the kids to Chuck n Cheese. She felt very special and she is.
Here we are at Chuck E. Cheese. Ashley was pretty tired so she didn't enjoy it as much as we were expecting her to but we all had fun, especially Lucas who went crazy with the lights, music, and all the people.
Playing some Easter games.
Ashley eating some bunny-shaped brownies that we made from the brownie mix that Grandma got for us. Thanks Grandma!

Ashley is happy to be able to spend time playing outside. Also, thanks Uncle Daniel for the Princess t-shirt:)
Lucas is the happiest boy in the backyard. He loves to eat the sand and loves to play in the sandbox.
The day before the 33 miles bike race we went to Olive Garden to get some fuel (carbs) for the race. The food was great!!
Lucas loves food in general but as a snack he enjoys popcorn. Here he just finished his popcorn and some chocolate that Ashley shared with him. I would pay to see the smile on his face when he gets either one of them!

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