Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beautiful Day!!!

On Saturday the weather was great! The kids played in the backyard for hours and we watched movies after a delicious lunch with our friends Larry and Lauren. We sure miss having them around:(
Lucas had his usual snack...Popcorn! It's crazy that he is only 9 months old but he has done so well eating it. I think you are not supposed to feed it to babies until they are a year old... Too late for that. Ariana, our friends' daughter, gave him Ashley's sippy cup that had chocolate milk and he had half of it. He loved it! I am glad he didn't get sick or anything like that. Now every time he sees her sippy cup he cries for it.
I just wanted to shared these pictures with you. He is my happy little boy.

This picture is dedicated to the grandparents and Mama Cristi and Papa Luis. He is going to be the swimmer in the family. He loves the water so we are going to have lots of fun this summer!!

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