Sunday, April 13, 2008

33 Miles Bike Race

I know I am really behind blogging but things have been really busy here in OK. I have already talked to some of you about the 33 miles bike race that I had last Saturday so I'll start by posting something about it. I really enjoyed it. It was cool and windy but it was lots of fun. I did it with some friends from church and some friends from the Y. There is a group of us: some from church and some from the Y ( we all go to a cycling class at the Y taught by a church member) that ride together on Saturdays so we all did the race together and since I am not very good yet at changing gears a friend of mine, Scott, helped me the first 10 miles. Since it was very hilly he was worried that I would die pretty soon. The fun part started when I turned on a detour and I fell from my bike and crashed into a pile of dirt (and almost into a car that was at the at stop sign). Nothing happened to me except that my bike was riding kind of funny and the gears were not changing very well. That frustrated me because I still had 15 miles to go and the ride just wasn't as smooth as it was before. I was pretty mad. People that I had passed a long time ago started to pass me and I couldn't believe it. I have nothing against older people but you guys had to see them. they were going 5 mph and still passing me....What in the world??? I couldn't believe it. I am glad I started strong, otherwise I might had ended last. How pathetic is that? The hills were very hard but since my gears weren't working I couldn't feel much pain as most people did. Overall it was a great experience in every way. I am so glad Tim didn't take me to check out the route as I asked him to before. Otherwise, I might not have done it. It was long and difficult, but very rewarding. Now I am training for the triathlon that I am doing in June and then in September is the Half Ironman relay in which I am doing the swimming portion.

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