Saturday, February 7, 2009


I miss baking with Ashley but I have a new helper...Lucas!
Ashley at the airport in Oklahoma City.
Ashley leaving the house to go to the airport with her Dora backpack. She was so excited to get on an airplane and fly to Paraguay. I just loved to see her so excited!

We have missed Ashley a lot since she left more than 3 weeks ago but at the same time we are so happy and proud of her. She has been enjoying playing and swimming with her cousins and spending time with my family. Every day when I talk on the phone with my mom ( and sometimes Ashley too) I laugh as I hear all the crazy and funny things that she has been doing and of course no one says "No" to her so she is LOVING it!! I was so spoiled as a child by my grandparents ( more than I could ever tell) and I am so happy to have Ashley experience the same thing. I am so grateful for grandparents and their role in our lives. I was blessed to have wonderful grandparents and my kids are so blessed to have two sets of awesome grandparents.
This morning as we talked to Ashley I told her I would be there in less than a week and that Lucas is coming with me to which she replied..." I don't like Lucas." I thought it was funny till I looked at my innocent little boy and I couldn't believe what she said. My mom mentioned that when they tell her about me and Lucas going down there she acts like she doesn't care. I think that's because she is getting so much attention from everyone and she never gets in trouble, so she knows that is about to end when I get there. Actually, probably not because there are so many people in my family and someone is always ready to spoil a little one but she doesn't know that. As for her getting in trouble, I can't discipline her too much around my parents. To them, the grandchildren are always good and they remind me that "they are just kids and it is normal" so I won't be able to do much...

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