Monday, February 9, 2009

Black and White

The more our kids grow the more we realize how different they are. They are both so adorable but at times we find ourselves wishing they were the same so our job would be much easier.

He is our goofy guy. He is constantly doing something to make us laugh. He knows he is funny so he does funny things all the time. He LOVES to get attention from us. He is our eater. He eats almost anything. I would say that his favorite foods are meat ( any kind) and chocolate milk. Another thing that he LOVES is candy. There isn't one day that goes by without him asking for a piece. At times when he gets mad at you he will ask for a piece of candy and I can only imagine this 18 month-old boy saying, "If you give that to me I won't be mad at you anymore". Lucas is very attached to us and to close friends. He will talk to people he doesn't know but we need to be by his side. He loves animals (any kind) especially dogs and cats (he is allergic to both of them...I am fine with that) He is also a big dancer. Both of my kids love to dance and Lucas is pretty good at it for a boy. I think it'll be fun to go dancing with him when he is older...Tim says that is NOT a good idea but I don't see anything wrong with it except some girls being jealous of me and my cute boy. Lucas is super active. He is always into things such as plugging and unplugging anything he finds (just like his dad) He won't sit down and watch TV. When reading books he won't sit still for more than 3 min. He doesn't walk, he jumps. Now that he is not able to jump in the trampoline outside, he has been jumping in small indoor trampoline he have. I just don't know how he does it. Lucas is an awesome sleeper. We put him in bed around 8:00pm and he doesn't wake up until 8:30am or 9:00am. I love it!! After lunch he takes another 2 hour (or more) nap. At night if I happen to be very tired or we are busy we put him in bed and he stays there, and never complains. He is still in a crib because he is too active to be in a big boy's bed and I am not ready to fight with him to go to bed. Lucas looks a lot like Tim and his heart is so tender and sweet as his dad's but he is definitely a mommy's boy and I love it.

She is funny but I don't think she means to be. She is constantly doing and saying funny things and what makes it funny is that she is serious. She has a beautiful smile and when she laughs it melts my heart. Both of my kids' laughs melt my heart. Ashley is a girlie girl but not to the extreme. She loves skirts and dresses but long skirts are her favorite. She likes to play with her dolls and her kitchen and more than anything in this world...she loves to watch TV. She is addicted to any show that has music and dancing. She also enjoys reading books especially whenever Tim has time to do it because he really gets into it and she has a blast!!! I know that she loves me but she is daddy's little girl. Whenever Tim gets home I don't exist anymore. She is so heart broken anytime she gets in trouble with her dad. She just loves him so much and cannot stand the fact that her dad is upset/sad at her for whatever she has done. Ashley is very independent. She can make friends better than anyone I know. She will pretty much talk to anyone and consider that person her friend. She adjusts to changes very well. She is not a problematic child by any means. She is tough and very stubborn (I wonder where that comes from?)
I hope she uses that latter in her life for good. When she is set on doing something nothing is going to stop her. She is also my picky eater and I don't blame her, though I wish she would just try, but I am the same way. She eats a very small portion comparing to Lucas who eats just as much as we do (almost). Ashley is such a sweet heart. I won't ever forget one day when we had to take her to the emergency room because she wasn't doing well and after they checked on her and her oxygen level was so low and along with that she had other complications I just lost it and cried and she asked me to hold her and she patted me on my back and told me she was going to be OK. She is my strong girl. She has a very strong spirit and I am so grateful for that.

I am so blessed to have them in my life.


Rachel said...

Your kids are darling. I cannot believe how fast they are growing up. Abby still remembers playing with Ashley. Someday we need to have a reunion.

Nika Travis and Ayda said...

That was a sweet tribute to your kids! I hope you have a good time visiting your family! Hurry and get some pictures posted.

Mama D said...

Awww...they have both grown up so fast! I'm so excited to see what yall's new little boy is going to look like and how he will act!

Alicia said...

That was fun to read your comments about the kids. I hope you are having fun seeing your family,.