Sunday, July 20, 2008

We love summer time!

For those of you who didn't know, Tim had to go on a business trip to West Virginia for a month. The kids and I visited him for a week halfway through, and we all went to Washington, DC for a few days. We don't have the pictures of that trip yet, so in the meantime, here are some pictures showing some of the summer activities we have been doing.

The kids love their daddy. They missed him so much when he was out of town.

Lucas doesn't wait for me to get in the water. If I happen to leave the back door unlocked this is how I find him, in the water with his clothes on.

Lucas loves to eat! He gets so excited around meal time and he is so easy to please. Tim's low-fat Alfredo sauce is a hit here in our home. We all love to eat it, especially the kids.
I am so glad it's summer time. It makes cleaning Lucas so much easier. Just hose him down outside and he is clean again!! Just kidding:)
He will be the swimmer in the family. He loves water. Ashley still isn't quite sure how she feels about it. We have really enjoyed playing in our backyard.
Ashley and Ariana swimming at their pool. Randy made some Hawaiian Hamburgers for dinner and they were great!! We have enjoyed hanging out with them this summer.
Tim coming back from his business trip. We missed him after being gone for a month!! We are glad you are back:)
Ashley has been enjoying painting. This is how I found her one morning. Trust me, I gave her some paper.
Lucas started walking 2 weeks before his first birthday. Here he is enjoying his freedom to walk.
Tim's brand new car. Many of you already know that his car broke down on his way to West Virginia so the day after he got home we got him a new car. He deserves it!! He is such a hard working man.

I have tried to be good and go to the gym every day but when Tim had to go out of town things got a little complicated around here. I wasn't able to go out biking because of the kids but I did go swimming a few times. Last Sunday when Tim was grilling I was laying down in our hammock and it broke. Guess who was back riding the bike at the crack of dawn?!
Maybe I can blame the kids, who were swinging with me:)

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