Saturday, June 14, 2008

Triathlon #2

I had an awesome weekend. I think it has been one of the best weekends in a long time for me. I did the OKCCC Triathlon and I am very pleased with my time but more importantly I am happy that I was able to do it with friends. Friday afternoon the Johansens came to stay with us and we had such a good time with them. My friend Ben and I made fun of each other about being some of the first ones to get in the water ( Ben was # 18 and I was # 25 out of 200) and thinking that we'd be the some of the last ones to cross the Finish Line. It was a pathetic thought that we had. That night we all went to Macaroni Grill for dinner to get some carbs ( I love races!!! really:) I wanted to eat by 4:00pm but we didn't eat until 7:00pm so I knew that was going to mess me up ( just kidding Ben and Alicia, it didn't mess me up) Later at home I wanted to practice my transition again but we had a pretty heavy storm so we stayed inside and prepared our bags for the race. I can't put in words how much fun the whole experience was for me. I just really enjoyed it. And of course I couldn't sleep because I was so nervous about everything. Saturday morning Ben and I left the house around 5:45am to go to OKCCC. There we set everything up in the transition area and then went to warm up by swimming a little bit. This triathlon was done in a 50 meter pool. At first I was kind of overwhelmed since I have been training in a 25 yard pool but pretty quickly I forgot about that and enjoyed the swimming.

The swimming was better than last time but I got Well, I did a flip turn and since the lanes were so wide I actually didn't go all the way to the other lane but stayed in the same lane. BIG MISTAKE!!! I started swimming in the same lane again so I stopped, hoping that someone would notice what I did but no one said anything so I kept swimming and then stopped again and this time I moved to the next lane where I was supposed to be. The guy that was behind me (#26) passed me so I had to pick up my pace and pass him again. I did it so I was proud of myself and I even got there at the same time as the girl that left before me (#24). I tried hard to make up for my mistake but I didn't have much time since it was the end of the swimming portion. Tough I am not very happy with what happened in the pool I'll take it as another learning experience.

Biking was great!! I loved it. I guess I wasn't as tired from swimming as I was two weeks ago so I was able to start and to finish strong. I love the feeling of your legs burning and hurting like crazy. I don't know why I get such a feeling whenever I swim or bike but it sure feels good. It definitely doesn't feel like that when I run.

Running was tough. I don't have the same feelings about running as I do about biking and swimming. My heart rate was low so I can't complain about that except that my legs were tired and I just couldn't go any faster. The sad part is that as I was approaching the Finish Lane I see the first woman from my age group passing me. I didn't let anyone pass me on the bike so I knew I was going first unless there was a swimmer there that went before me that I didn't know about. Anyways I tried to keep up with her but I just couldn't. She wasn't running; she was sprinting. She was a runner. I don't like runners. They have so much time to catch up with us. The have the last 20 to 30 min to make up for their weakness and win the race. Great for them and not too good for someone like me who isn't a runner. Anyhow, she beat me and won first place and I got 2nd. Her time 1:20:10 vs mine 1:21:04. It may not seem like much to you but as you could probably imagine I wish I could go back in time and change a few things to make up for the 56 second difference. I am not complaining; I am very proud of myself and my achievements. I am grateful to be blessed to do this because it surely brings lots of excitement and happiness to me and my family. And last but not least I am so proud of my friends Gissella, Sherrie and Ben. I trained with Sherrie and Gissella and I pushed them so hard almost every day ( I pushed Gissella even this morning as I ran with her for her last 2 miles. She hates me but she loves me too:). I am so proud of them. And Ben, though I didn't train with him I am so proud that he did it. We were so anxious/nervous last night and he did a great job today. Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me.

This is me and my friend Sherrie.

p.s stay tuned for more pictures!

Here are some videos that I am putting here mostly for my mom to see me swim in the triathlon.


~Jen~ said...

Way to go Cristina! That is an awesome time!!!

Alicia said...

Christina you did so great! We had a blast with you guys and we appreciate you having us in your home. Imagine how well you would have done if you didn't have a house full of guests (and a newborn baby)the night before the big race. We look forward to doing the next one with you.


Nika Travis & Ayda said...

You did such a good job, I am glad you felt better about this one that the last one. Keep up the good work!!

the harrisons said...

congrats!! it makes me want to go and try something like that, but I am so out of shape it would be comical.