Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Johansen's are coming through town!!

Ashley is such a great helper... at least that's what she thinks

She was so excited with so many different heart shapes

Here are Brent and Lucas.

Here are Kaylee and Ashley. Kaylee loves icing!

We are always excited to have friends over and it has been great for us to have the Johansens over at least once a month in our home. This week was tough for me with the kids and the weather didn't help a bit but their visit made us all feel great (especially me). Ashley and I decided to bake some Valentine's cookies for them and us:) Here are some pictures of our fun visit with them and as always we all had a great time!! Thanks for stopping by; we love it!

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Christian said...

We wish we could come and play too! Next time we are in OK (probably Christmas time) save us an afternoon! We miss you all.