Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas break, Christmas Day and New year!

Ashley got a tricycle and many other toys! Thanks Grandma Dorius and Mama Cristi:)

It great to see how excited Ashley got with every gift.

Before going to our Ward Christmas Party.

Ashley asked for a Baby Doll, as she did last year, and she got more than that!

Going shopping to Toys R Us.

Ashley enjoys playing with her dad.

We spent lots of time baking cookies and cup cakes! We all enjoy them:)

Isn't she adorable? She loves when anyone takes pictures of her.

Christmas Day opening gifts!

Ashley is painting her Christmas tree/ brownie tree.

They have enjoyed riding their new car. Thanks to the three Kings fro that:)

We had such a great Christmas break and we definitely took advantage of being together as a family for 3 weeks!! Our first week we went to an OU basketball game and we all enjoyed it! We just love OU. There is something about OU that makes us proud and happy to be a part of the things that the University offers. Our treat as a family is to go to Norman to eat at The Greek House and take the kids to Sooner Mall; we try to do this every weekend if we can.
Later that first week we got an invitation from our friends in Fort Worth to come and visit them; needless to say that Friday morning we packed and left for Texas! There we had a great time going out to eat, visiting downtown Fort Worth, and even seeing Santa Claus! The kids enjoyed playing together as they used to do. It was great to see the Johansen's again and to spend a weekend with them. We are glad to get to see them quite often as they travel back to Oklahoma to visit family. On our way out we stopped to see Matt ( Tim's roommate in college) and Monica. It was kind of late and we wanted to drive back to Oklahoma that night so we didn't have much time to hang out with them so we went to the Mall to eat and walk around. I haven't seen them in years so it was nice to see them after a long time especially now that they are expecting their first baby!
Christmas Eve we went over to the Lusk's home and had a great time! They are one of the coolest families we have met and we enjoy being with them. Christmas is a big thing for them as it is for my family so they just made me feel at home with gifts for EVERYONE, including us. I am telling you they are so nice! On Christmas we spent time as a family as well as that whole week.
We celebrated New Year's Eve as we do back in Paraguay, BIG! We had the Lusks over for dinner and later did all the traditional things that my crazy and fun family does. We ran down the street with suitcases, touched a fish, counted money, and got down from the chair at 12am with our right leg among other fun things I have done my entire life! Although I missed my family tons it was so nice to do the same things that they do back at home. I even tried to set up my table as my mom does hers and we cooked a lot of food representing abundance. The only thing we missed is the big breakfast on the 31st to say good-bye to the old year but we definitely had a BIG dinner to welcome the New Year!
It was so fun to relax, eat, watch movies, eat, go shopping, eat and play with the kids. On Sunday we celebrated Three Kings' Day like we do in Paraguay and we all liked it, especially Ashley who is very excited about opening gifts! Thanks Mama Cristi for the gift, the kids are enjoying it very much.

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