Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Break and so much more!

The 4 "girls" enjoying Las Vegas!!
My mom and Lucas.
Ashley having fun playing with the snow in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Cristi, Ashley, me and my mom in Las Vegas!

My mom's turkey! I think it's the best:)
Ashley enjoying decorating a brownie cake Christmas tree.
At the airport, picking up my mom and niece.
This is how Ashley received the new year on the Strip (Vegas). We don't understand how she did not wake up with all the noise around us.

We are back!!! It has been such a long time since I posted something on the blog. As most of you know my mom was here visiting over Christmas break so I was very busy having fun with her and family. She went back to Paraguay over a week ago and took my sweet little girl with her. Ashley is loving being in Paraguay for many reasons. Every time we talk to her she is on her way out to a party or the pool or someone's house. She is never home!!! My dad says that their house is like a "hotel" for her, she only comes to eat, shower and sleep! I am so happy that my family has the opportunity to spend time with her and that Ashley also has the opportunity to be there and associate with my parents, siblings, cousins, etc. They all love having her around.

During Christmas break we decided to go on vacation to Las Vegas! We went there for New Year's Eve and stayed there for a week. We all had a great time. Tim and I were able to go to some shows by ourselves while my mom babysat for us at the hotel. We went to see David Copperfield, Lance Burton, and some other great shows.

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Christian said...

How fun! I'm trying to get Jared to go on some fun trips. What good is it living in a foreign country when you never leave your neighborhood? Anyway, I think we are going to plan something big for our anniversary this summer--possibly Switzerland!